frequently asked questions


Each of our bikes is built to order.


1. See here the bike styles we produce, prices and more information about the production options.

2. Get in touch with us here, informing us more about what you would like on the bike, what it will be used for and more data that will help us create the perfect bike for you.

3. To proceed to inclusion in the production queue a fixed fee of $100 is charged. It can be paid for here.

Making this payment, even if the project is not 100% defined, you will already have the serial number and guaranteed place in the production queue.

4. When it comes to production, we contact you to set the final details, update the total budget according to project changes or price variations, and charge 50% of the remaining amount for the purchase of the material and start of production.

5. Production normally takes us close to 2 months, between purchase of the material, manufacture and painting, depending on complexity. After painting, we check if everything is in accordance with the order and the remaining amount is charged to carry out shipment.


In any of the payment steps of the order, we accept payments by billing, transfer or credit card.

International orders.

For international orders, payments are made through Paypal.


Our frames and forks.

We believe in our products. If you have a problem with your frame or fork produced by us - which is our fault, as a manufacturing problem - we will solve it for free, always. Now, if you caused the problem, we can offer support and repair options, but that cost will be up to you. This warranty covers only manufacturing or material problems; not covering wear or damage caused by misuse, falls, accidents or collisions.

Our racks.

Racks have a warranty of three years.

Other products and parts.

The other products sold by us follow the legal warranty.

The warranty can be carried out through repairs, replacement or refund. It is valid only for the original owner.

Important: If you are not sure how to install a component or assemble your bicycle, contact a professional. We do not cover damages for misuse.


For any questions or problems regarding the warranty, please contact us by email.


We are a small workshop and orders are very personalized, so we produce in batches of up to two units and maintain a waiting list.

The current queue for starting new projects is approximately 6 months. Production itself is up to 2 months. Consult us for updated information.

Production depends on many factors, largely related to imports. We provide forecast updates and are transparent about waiting time and progression of production. We count on the understanding that delays can happen.


We ship worldwide.

The freight cost is paid by the buyer.

The shipment is carried out within one week after the conclusion of the order and its settlement.

Shipping is normally done by PAC with the Post Office and, for larger volumes, by carriers.


- South Region: R$180

- Southeast and Midwest Region: R$195

- North and Northeast Regions: R$250


- South Region: R $ 300.00

- Southeast and Midwest Region: R $ 400.00

- North and Northeast Regions: R $ 550.00


We ship worldwide through the Post Office or DHL.

Freights varies from country to country, usually around $90 to 150. All shipments have full insurance coverage for lost, stolen or damaged goods. Local taxes may apply to you and your country's courier service may charge additional fees.


Hand made in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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