We offer the standard single color powder coating painting, custom multi coloured painting and unpainted varnished finish. Learn more about the options:


The standard finishing of our products is by powder coating painting, already included in all the prices.

This type of painting offers great anti-corrosion protection and excellent resistance, being recommended for those who want a durable bike for the dirt and beats of the daily use.

Each part is painted in a single color, among the ones below:

This color palette is just a representation.

Actual colors may be different.

Ask us for photos to help with your choice.

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Custom paintings allow you to choose any color or color combination you want, including metallic, matte, flaked and gradient finishings and more.

We use the best products available on the market to ensure the highest quality.

Two bottom layers are applied for maximum resistance, being the first to prevent from rusting and the second to give adhesion and smoothness to the final layer. Finally, a careful polishing is carried out.

Custom paintings are charged separately.

Pricelist below:

1 color: $80

2 gradient colors: $90

2 colors with masking: $110

3 gradient colors: $100

3 colors with masking: $120



Candy Varnish: $30

Metal Flake: $45

Matte Varnish: $15

Some examples:


For those looking for a more raw look, showing all the beauty of fillet brazed joints, we offer unpainted varnish-covered finish.

The piece is sandblasted to remove residues that enhance oxidation and covered with varnish for extra protection. Durability, however, is reduced compared to traditional paintings. We recommend periodically checking for possible oxidation points and, if there are, blasting and covering again.

It is possible to choose between brazing with or without filing finish.


Without filing:

With filing:


Hand made in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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