1. designing your bike

Each of our bikes is unique, designed and built to order.

So, the first step is to understand what is the ideal bike for you.

The form below is based on the bikes we produce, which you can check here.

Tell us in the text box everything you think is important for us to know about the bike you want.

We will contact you to follow up on the development of the project, answer questions, quotes and more.

1 - I'm looking for...
2 - Choose your bicycle style
3 - Choose your drivetrain
4 - Choose your tubeset

2. ordering and payment

To start an order and be included in the production queue, a fixed fee of $100 is charged.


Making this payment, even if the project is not 100% defined, you will already have a serial number and guaranteed place in the queue.

Upon your turn in production, we will contact you to set the final details, update the total budget according to project changes or price variations, and charge 50% of the remaining amount for materials' purchase and production start.


After manufacturing and painting is finished, we check if everything is in accordance with the order and the remaining amount is charged to carry out the shipment.

Guarantee your place in the queue here:

Order deposit

Order deposit



Hand made in Porto Alegre, Brazil.


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